of hair

The big chop occurred well before the invasive nature of politics was known to me. Almost four years ago when the harsh winter had grabbed large tufts or relaxed hair from my head and I began to resemble (insert clever analogy/) something peculiar. I cut my hair in that moment because it made sense to … Continue reading of hair

poor stanza

I carried the weight of systemic injustice on my shoulders like it was my personal cross. So did we, carry the cross I mean, like triumphant warriors. We all carried it, yet the weight was the same. For in fact we didn't, instead the dense wood crushed our lifeless bodies under it and they stood … Continue reading poor stanza


An article by The Guardian reignited my curiosity for vulvas and their muting from public discourse. An interest I developed after discovering that labia minoras could naturally extend past the labia majora without one having tempered with them. Coming from a part of the world that encourages Labia pulling, elongated labia minoras were not an … Continue reading LABIA


For many of us, the foundation from which our ideas of sex spring from is a diseased melting pot of toxic misinformation. It's usually through cis-heteronormative lenses that prioritize the release of our male counterparts and social perceptions of morality. When you first learn about sex it's limited to abstinence with the promise of mind … Continue reading SEX AND POWER


Violence against women exists mainly because there's social allowance for it. Narratives have long been formed to present women as irrational beings that trigger violence from their male counterparts and society at large. From physical violence being excused as being a result of serious provocation on a woman's part to sexual violence being pinned on … Continue reading THE SOCIAL ALLOWANCE FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN